The Seventh Study Report about Tornado Research in Foshan Tornado Research Center

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    Foshan Tornado Research Center had the seventh Study Report about tornado research on August 21, 2015. Theweather forecaster Zhaohui Li introduced the Polarimetric Radars in USA withthe paper named《OBSERVATIONS OF THE 10 MAY 2010 TORNADOOUTBREAK USING OU-PRIME》. As we all know that, the additionalinformation provided by polarimetric radar has great potential in elucidating precipitation physics, which including the hydrometeor classification, accurate quantitative precipitation estimation and retrieval of particle sizedistributions. The report displays the ZDR and KDP columns, the low level ZDRarc signature of large hail, midlevel ZDR and ρhv rings and the tornadic debrissignature. These signatures not only illuminate certain microphysical processesbut also reveal unique links to kinematic features of storms, such as updrafts,downdrafts, mesocyclones, damaging tornadoes, and environmental storm-relativehelicity. The weather forecasters learned more about the polarimetric  radars, which is useful for the tornado andother severe weather detection with the polarimetric radars.


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