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    · Violent tornadoes swept across the U.S. Midwest,killing five people and leaving dozens more injured.· 80 tornadoes battered the region as of 8 p.m. localtime, most of which took place in Illinois andIndiana.· The tornado danger continues to shift eastward acrossthe lower Gr...[More]
  • Release time:2015-10-28 | Views:4629
    Foshan Tornado Research Center had the seventh Study Report about tornado research on August 21, 2015. Theweather forecaster Zhaohui Li introduced the Polarimetric Radars in USA withthe paper named《OBSERVATIONS OF THE 10 MAY 2010 TORNADOOUTBREAK USING OU-PRIME》. As we all k...[More]
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    · At least five people were killed when tornadoes slammedOklahoma Cityand its suburbs.· Some 40 to 50 people were being treated forstorm-related injuries.·The storm crumbled cars and tractor-trailers along amajor interstate highway and caused havoc. HOUSTON, June 1 (Xinhua) --...[More]
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